Pexip download

Pexip download

Downloading the Pexip app and Logging In (Mobile/Tablet)

If you already use our service on other devices or through your browser, you can log into the Pexip app with the same username and password.

Your username:

This is the unique personal video address associated with your Personalmeeting room. If you’re not sure what this is, you can find the details under your account profile if you’re still logged into our service on another device, or in the web app in your browser. It should look like a regular email address. If your company has purchased custom video addresses, it should be the same, or very similar to, your company email.

Otherwise, you can contact your company administrator(s) to reset your password.

Note: you can’t log into the mobile app using a Team meeting room address. If your company only has team rooms and no personal rooms, you will be able to use the app as a guest user but not log in. This will simplify joining meetings from your phone or tablet but you won’t be able to manage your meeting schedule via the app.

This is to avoid scheduling / access conflicts as Team rooms are managed by company administrators on behalf of all users in your company network.

To use the app as a guest without logging in, you will need to know the full video address of the room you would like to join.

If you haven’t previously logged into our service you will find your account details included in the Activation email sent to your company email registered on our network. Use the link in this email to get started on the service and create your password. This email is automatically sent when one of your company administrators adds you as a user on the service.

To download the mobile app:

You can download our mobile app alongside the rest of our dedicated apps by logging into the web app through your browser and selecting Downloads from the user dashboard. All the apps and plugins available for the device you’re using will be highlighted and ready to download directly to your device.

Alternatively, you can download the app for Android at the Google Play store, or in the App Store for iOS

Pexip Infinity Connect

Pexip Infinity Connect is an easy-to-use mobile client used to connect directly to Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms, or (using Pexip Infinity as a gateway) to any other endpoint, such as Microsoft Skype for Business or H.323/SIP standards based endpoints.

Infinity Connect users can elect to join the conference with full video, with audio-only or to simply send and view presentations.

All Infinity Connect hosts are also able to control aspects of the conference such as muting and unmuting other participants, adding and disconnecting other users, and locking the conference.

If you need help getting started or are having trouble connecting, please contact your company administrator or provider in the first instance. We also have some general "getting started guides" here

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What you'll get:

  • Easy to use group video meetings & calls on any device or in your browser
  • Works with standards-based video conferencing systems (SIP / H.323 devices), including Cisco, Poly, Yealink, & more. 
  • Works for internal & external meetings
  • Flexible deployment & licensing options to suit your organization


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Pexip Download
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Pexip Download
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